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This web site has been designed to give you an overall idea of the products available, many of them are Aloe Vera based, these are available for you to purchase for your general health and well being.

People are becoming more open to the idea of being able to 'help themselves', and many now realise that complementary therapies can make a marked improvement on how they feel. They perhaps are more energised, perhaps have less pain, or even to feeling great within themselves.

It is important to note that there are two classes of Aloe Vera drink certification available from the International Aloe Science Council. The 'Gel' has a higher content (over 80%) of Aloe Vera than the juice. 100% juice therefore does not mean 100% Aloe Vera

Our product has not been powdered down and then reconstituted later, it only has natural ingredients added to help stabilise it, and to help retains its integrity, (as well as its own natural Vitamin C, and many other important nutrients).

The Forever Living Aloe Vera Drink is a 'gel' as opposed to a juice.

F.L.P. Aloe Vera has the Islamic Seal of Approval, as well as the Kosher Seal of Approval - both extremely highly sought after, and not easy to obtain.

All Forever Living Products have a 60 day money back guarantee.

If you would like to see our whole range of products, please view our web site. If you need advice or information regarding any of the products shown, and how you may use them to their best advantage please ring, I will be please to help wherever I can.